Deathly Desire: Lizzie

Deathly Desire: Lizzie

The Westport Mysteries #3

Beth Prentice

Deathly Desire by Beth Prentice

Reviewed by Helen

I am loving this series, I love Lizzie and her family and the things that keep happening to her but above all else I love the love of her life Rylie he is always there for her no matter what through thick and thin, murder and mayhem he stands tall for Lizzie. This is book three and Lizzie and Rylie are on the lookout for old houses to renovate but with them brings a mystery that keeps Lizzie in trouble.

Deciding to sell her house and start a new phase in her life Lizzie stumbles upon an old derelict house that calls to her decorating mind, she has changed her job and started a course in decorating so as her and Rylie can move on, but of course the first house she loves is linked to many more derelict houses that are linked to many families in Westport even her own family and a mystery that calls to Lizzie. Lizzie being Lizzie is not one to let things go and investigating starts bringing danger back into her life.

MS Prentice has again ticked all of the boxes for a fabulous mystery and a fabulous romance, Lizzie’s family had me smiling again especially Grandma Mabel she has bought them all to life they are so good to get to know and spend time with again, and then there are the bad guys and they are bad, some suspenseful moments and times when Riley and the police are jumping in to save Lizzie and leave me feeling thankful.

Truly I cannot highly recommend this one enough as well as the others in the series, there is a little bit of everything in these stories and this one is sure to tickle the fancy of any reader who wants to escape for a while and just enjoy, thank you MS Prentice for another winner

5/5 stars fro a fabulous story

Kindle Edition, 268 pages
Published April 17th 2018

Saving the Single Dad Doc

Saving the Single Dad Doc

Louisa Heaton

Saving The Single Dad Doc by Louisa Heaton

Reviewed by Helen

Oh this is just such a beautiful moving story, a story of love and hope and of loss and what joy two people can share when they are open and honest about their feelings, this brings together two single parents both have been hurt by such loss but Dr Bethan Munroe has a heart so big not just for her daughter but for her patients and her new boss Dr Cameron Brodie, take yourself of to Scotland for this emotional story that will leave you feeling so good.

Bethan has been through so much losing her husband Ashley to cancer she has taken time of to be mother to her daughter but it is now time to go back to work and in doing so she moves back to her birth town and her Nanna and here she takes a job with Dr Cameron Brodie single Dad and a man with secrets and Bethan feels a spark at their first meeting, will this take her to a happy future with love again?

Cameron has been a single dad since his daughter’s birth and now he has problems himself, deciding that he will take some time off work to spend with his daughter he needs to hire a Doctor to take over the practise but he keeps a few things to himself and when he meets Bethan she is the one for the job but will she get close to him? it is the last thing that he wants but it may be just what he needs.

This one is heartfelt and emotional but the glimmer of hope and light as well as love that enters their lives as they get to know each other and help each other will have you turning the pages to see how things work out. Bethan would have to be one of the most loving and caring heroines that I have met in a long time her strength and courage shine through and Cameron what can I say he did everything he could to not hurt anyone to see them fall in love so beautifully did bring a smile to my face. I highly recommend this story, MS Heaton has made this reader very happy with the love and caring words that flow on these pages thank you.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published May 21st 2018 by Mills Boon Medical

Hi Million-Dollar Marriage Proposal by Jennifer Hayward

Reviewed by Nas Dean

HIS MILLION DOLLAR MARRIAGE PROPOSAL by author Jennifer Hayward is a July 2018 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Lazzero Di Fiore was in need of a fake fiancée so he asks his local barista Chiara for help and offers to recompense her for her time. Chiara was in urgent need of money so she accepts Lazzero’s offer. But she didn’t know that the chemistry between them would lead them to give in to their passions and she would fall in love with him.

What would happen now? Would Lazzero commit to his fake fiancée?

HIS MILLION DOLLAR MARRIAGE PROPOSAL is a romance filled with emotions and drama. Author Jennifer Hayward brought this story to life on the pages where a reader would sympathize with Chiara and Lazzero yet root for them too.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


A Mommy for His Daughter by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Nas Dean 

A MOMMY FOR HIS DAUGHTER by author Amy Ruttan is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for April 2018.

Dr. Derek Taylor is not very happy with the revolving doctors who come to his clinic as he felt that they just did their stints and go without really connecting with his patients or doing much.

So when Dr. Evelyn Saunders arrive, he was skeptical. But then he found her secret. That she was from the local community herself and for her it was like coming home. But would she stay when her rotation ends?

Would Derek let her walk away after spending passionate nights with her? And after his daughter had decided that Evie was her family?

A MOMMY FOR HIS DAUGHTER is a romance that would make a reader sigh with contentment. And reach for tissues when Derek’s daughter says that Evie is like her. Author Amy Ruttan brought out the emotions in this story that would touch your heart. And she did a wonderful job of bringing Evie and Derek together despite all the emotional baggage and past grief they carried. This story would enthrall a reader and keep her hooked until the very last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.


A Mommy for His Daughter

Amy Ruttan

A Mummy For His Daughter

Reviewed by Helen

This story is just beautiful it is much more than a hero finding a Mommy for his daughter, it is a trip back in time, to her home and for heroine Evie to come to terms with her past and empty herself of guilt and hero Derek also has to find himself and look to the future with someone who will bring joy to his and his daughter Mo’s world, and the setting I loved Alaska and the people and town of Wolf’s Harbor, this was a one sitting read for me.

Dr Evelyn Saunders is a surgeon and OB/GYN and has promised to help a friend and relieve her in Alaska for a short time but this is bringing back a world of guilt for Evie especially when she learns that she is to do a three months rotation at Wolf’s Harbor she has not been there since she was ten years old and there is a lot of hurt and guilt. Arriving she is shocked when she meets the town doctor Derek Taylor the instant spark shocks Evie and then meeting family she thought would be gone sends her feelings soaring, but when emergencies have them working closely Evie opens up.

Dr Derek Taylor has lived here for fifteen years he lost his wife in tragic circumstances and him and his five year old daughter are living a good life here, Mo and his patients mean everything to him and he is always disappointed when the relief doctors do their time and leave he is doing all he can to get a hospital built here. Derek is surprised at the feelings that spark when he first meets the beautiful Dr Saunders he has not felt anything like this for a long time is it time to move on?

MS Ruttan has written a story that moved me very much it is magical, moving and emotional as we get to know Evie and Derek and their pasts that need to be talked about and left to rest and move onto a future that will be filled with love happiness and family. Seeing Evie meet up with the family that she loved and thought lost years before was so very moving and Derek see the future that he always wanted was just awesome. This is a medical romance that ticks all of the boxes for a fabulous story I loved this it, this is one that I highly recommend, thank you MS Ruttan.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published March 20th 2018 by Harlequin Medical Romance Large Print

Out of Reach

Out of Reach

Maximum Exposure #1

Kendall Talbot

Out of Reach by Kendall Talbot

Reviewed by Helen

What a story this one is my goodness it is filled with action, danger, suspense edge of your seat suspense wow and mind blowing strength as two people who have just met in a tiny town in Mexico start an action filled journey together that have them in grave danger of losing their lives as Lily endeavours to find the truth about her father and Carter aims to take the best photo but along the way they find each other and love.

Lily Bennett has travelled to Mexico after the death of her father to search for answers after she finds a suitcase with a journal and what appears to be a secret life before he became a dairy farmer in Montana and this all comes about after an ancient stone structure is discovered by archaeologists in The Yucatan Jungle, as she starts her journey she meets Australian Carter Logan and together they start an adventure, for Lily this will see her fleeing drug traffickers getting shot at and surviving in the jungle and getting to know the one man that she knows will protect her.

Carter Logan left Australia four years before to capture the best photo ever, an award winning one, he aims to travel the world and see the seven wonders and with the discovery of Agulinta in the Yucatan Jungle he arrives and the minute he meets Lily in the hotel he sees her spunk and is drawn to her like no other he is a loner normally but when they are forced to share the same guide he finds that he likes her company and when danger chases them and they save one another from some really bad situations he can’t help but fall for her but will she still want him if he tells her his secrets?

This story is amazing I could barely it down I had to keep reading to see how things worked out for them, to be lost in the jungle the way they were, to lose their guide, but they never gave up, Lily has such awesome survival skills and Carter the courage and strength to encourage and protect as they slowly fall for one another, they saved each other time and again. MS Talbot has written an awesome romantic suspense one that I highly recommend and woohoo it is the first of a series with more to come, if you have never tried one of MS Talbot’s stories then I suggest this one because you will be sold and hooked way to go Kendall Talbot this one rocks thank you.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: May 8th 2018 by Lyrical Liason

Hire to Wear the Sheikh's Ring by Rachael Thomas

Reviewed by Nas Dean

HIRED TO WEAR THE SHEIKH’S RING by author Rachael Thomas is a May 2018 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Tiffany hired herself out as a bridesmaid for celebrity wedding so Jafar Al-Shehri decided he would hire her—as his bride!

He wanted to stabilize his country after becoming king so he needed a wife by his side and he hired Tiffany to play the role. He had no interest in a real marriage love.
But would he be able to remain uninvolved forever? As Tiffany’s husband, he also came into the role of her lover.

The chemistry between them was scorching hot and they both gave in to their passions. But what would happen when it’s time for Tiffany to go?

HIRED TO WEAR THE SHEIKH’S RING is a highly sensual romance filled with emotions and drama. Author Rachael Thomas brought this scorching hot couple live on the pages. It is a tale of family jealousy, betrayal and redemption. This story would enthrall a reader and keep her hooked until the very last page. I finished this story in one sitting, as I was eager to discover what happened next.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Hired to Wear the Sheikh's Ring

Rachael Thomas

Hired To Wear The Sheikh's Ring

Reviewed by Helen

Tiffany Chapelle is a bridesmaid for hire a bit of a different career but it works well for her and when she meets best man Sheikh Jafar Al-Shehri at a wedding he offers her a position that is too good to not accept you see it will get her sister out of debt and provide a good life for her niece but she must become his bride temporarily so as Jafar can secure his crown and kingdom, but the best thing is not to fall in love when this is supposed to be convenient.

Tiffany goes into this with open eyes and looking to the future yes she has always wanted to have the true fairy tale marriage and has saved herself for it but life and circumstances have changed that for her, but a week in Paris before the wedding with Jafar sends her emotions into sensual sparks and then a week as a honeymoon and Tiffany discovers what sensual pleasure Jafar can give and her world is opening up with love.

Jafar will never love and never wants to be a father, yes he needs a wife to save his crown but there will be another who will give him an heir, but spending time with the beautiful Tiffany sets his blood on fire and when she gives him her precious gift on their wedding night the consequences change the way things will go that is if he can convince her to stay.

This is a sizzling sensual emotional story that leads to a beautiful HEA, two strong people who gave into love and opened up, I love a sheikh and Jafar is wonderful yes it took him a bit to realize he loved Tiffany and when he did the way he told her had me sighing, thank you MS Thomas for another fabulous story that I highly recommend this one ticks all of the boxes for a sensual romance that left this reader very happy.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published May 1st 2018 by Harlequin Presents

A House of Lies

A House of Lies

Belle Hamilton #2

Michelle Montebello

A House of Lies by Michelle Montebello

Reviewed by Helen

This story is fabulous I just about inhaled it. It is so well written, fabulous characters it is fast paced intriguing and with a romance throughout, this really is a book not to be missed although you will need to read the first book in this series Interwoven (which was also fabulous). This one is a real page turner so make yourself comfortable because you will not want to put it down.

I met Belle Hamilton is the first book and got to know her really well, I think she is such a wonderful person she has such strength and character with everything she went through to get on with life and still manages a long distance relationship with Andrea who is still in Italy. Belle has settled into life in the suburbs of Sydney working as a chef she still has nightmares and longs to be with Andrea. But when her father has a heart attack and she rushes back to her family home in Sydney she overhears a conversation and again her life is about to be turned upside down again.

This brings Belle and her best friend Riley together on a trip to Scotland to investigate the death of Riley’s mother in Sydney back in 1988, so many secrets so much intrigue did she commit suicide or was she pushed and why is nobody here in Australia answering any questions? Belle and Riley have a lot to uncover and with a mystery person found in the wilds of Scotland this brings more questions and heartfelt emotions with them but this story moves fast and with hope and answers.

I truly loved this story from page one and cannot highly recommend it enough there are a lot of emotions running throughout a lot of detective work required and the friendships from the past and new friendships all add to the journey as they get to the bottom of the tale, which left me in a happy place. I do look forward to more in this series as I am sure there is more to come. Thank you MS Montebello for a fantastic story one that will stay with me for a long time.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published by Australian eBook Publisher (first published February 23rd 2018)

Hollywood Heartbreak

Hollywood Heartbreak

A Heart of the City #5

C.J. Duggan

Hollywood Heartbreak by C.J. Duggan
Reviewed by Helen

This is a story that has a lot of chuckle moments throughout, it had me turning the pages and thoroughly enjoying my trip to Hollywood with Aussie actress Abby Taylor as she tries to make it in the showbiz city, add to that Jay Davis gorgeous bar owner and new neighbour and this trip is fun and another fabulous book in this series although it definitely can be read as a standalone.

Abby has been working on a TV show here in Australia and enjoying life with her boyfriend Scott when everything happens at once her life is turned upside down as she is plastered all over the gossip magazines as a home wrecker and then is written out of her show, step in her manager and Abby is off to Hollywood to try her luck here she meets up with her friend Billie and moves into her condo in LA and life is just about to change again for the outspoken Abby.

Abby meets Jay at the airport and things don’t go too well when they meet he is quiet and comes across moody but it is not long before she starts to get to know him as she starts working for him and the sizzle starts and is not easy to keep under wraps, and when she finds out who he is well Abby goes to set him straight.

This really is a fun story to read MS Duggan again has bought t life characters that are easy to like and feel like friends, there were many times I was smiling and laughing and I loved Abby’s honesty and the way she stands up for her friends and seeing her fall for Jay and their sensual romance grow had me sighing. This is a book I highly recommend thank you MS Duggan for another keeper I am really enjoying this series and my trips to some fabulous cities.

4/5 stars fro a great story

Published March 27th 2018 by Hachette Australia

The Italian's Marriage Bargain

The Italian's Marriage Bargain

Hot Italian Nights #7

Annie West

The Italian's Marriage Bargain by Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

This is a very sensual moving story it sizzles with want and need a second chance romance and one that I inhaled it is so good, billionaire Massimo Conti and film star Gina Moretti married seven years before they were young and in love and went full steam ahead but Gina’s career and Massimo’s family caused a few problems and misunderstandings which tore them apart but did they ever stop loving each other, I recommend that you pick this one up for a couple of hours fabulous reading.

Seven years on and according to Gina, Massimo is still trying to make her do what he wants, she has just finished filming her new movie in Venice where there have been photos from the paparazzi with her and another man and now her long lost husband is demanding that she spend a week with him in Milan while he launches a new fashion line with the promise of a divorce at the end of the week, Gina decides it is time to end this marriage or will a week together change her mind?

Massimo has now got the family business back on track and has come to terms with the fact that the one and only woman he will ever love is his estranged wife Gina and if blackmailing her is the only chance he has of winning her back then that is what he will do. She has meant everything to him and he knows that he has made mistakes in the past and must learn to curb his need to have things his way if he wants her back and the minute they are alone together that passion sizzles through them both.

I really loved this story, Massimo honestly loved Gina very much but duty to his family made him make mistakes and their whirlwind romance didn’t give them time to really get to know each other and there were so many misunderstandings that got in the way instead of talking things through. Seven years on and love is still there, there is so much passion and emotions and a future to cherish together. MS West you never disappoint me your stories they open up a world of glamour and sensual passion with heroes and heroines that are so easy to love thank you for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published April 9th 2018 by Annie West

Bad Boy Rancher

Bad Boy Rancher

Rocky Mountain Cowboys #3

Karen Rock

Bad Boy Rancher by Karen Rock

Reviewed by Helen

This is a gorgeous story, an emotional roller coaster with two people that have been through so much, can they together heal each other, heal their souls and move on to a wonderful HEA with such love that could burst into fireworks. Justin Cade and Brielle Thompson are in need of redemption and working together while helping others with problems opens their souls and emotions to healing and love.

Justin is still on the ranch with his very supportive family but he is not the same person he was since the loss of his other half, his twin Jesse in tragic circumstances and he turns bad boy not caring if he lives or not, he suffers such guilt and turns to things he shouldn’t, then things change when he is involved in an accident that could have taken his life, this brings Chaplain Brielle Thompson into his life, is she his angel the person that can save him?

Brielle former army Chaplain and now councillor is suffering PTSD after serving in Kandahar, after being discharged from the army she is taking on a position as councillor at a house in Carbondale Colorado Fresh Start being set up for people with varying problems, this is her chance to prove herself get on with life and keep the past locked away, that is until she meets the dangerous bad boy Justin Cade and now Brielle in in for the journey to happiness and redemption.

Bad boy and Chaplain can they fall in love with the pasts both of them have this was a journey with a few ups and downs in it but what a journey the emotions brought me to tears for them, these two people just cried out for happiness two really good people and the clicked even if they didn’t see it for a while. Brielle thought she would need to keep Justin wrapped in cotton wool but he needs to let go and be adventurous but they needed to do it together. MS Rock you have written a heart-felt romance that took on problems that happen every day and showed that caring and loving people can make a difference, thank you I loved Justin and Brielle’s story and highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a story that will make you smile.

5/5 stars

Published April 3rd 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming